Taking Extraterrestrial Contact
To The Next Level!


For the first time, Kendra Jonas reveals her contact experiences with Celestial Beings and their enlightened messages for our Ascension! Aired on March 20, 2016 @ 4:00PM MST, 6:00PM CT, 7:00PM ET, & 11:00PM GMT

"The Link"...

"The Link" is the invisible thread that connects us to one another and to everything in the universe. Knowing how to connect to “The Link” is the gateway to accessing a higher consciousness, which some refer to as the quantum field, the cosmic mind, your higher self, superconsciousness, or the source field.

Our ancient ancestors understood how to connect to this higher vibratory field, as this was our birthright, but over time, these important teachings were lost and replaced by nontruths and ego programs. This led us to adapt to belief systems that fostered separation, limitation, lack, and negative labeling, causing "The Link" to become veiled from our awareness.

These ancient teachings have now been recaptured to help enlighten, inspire, and bring us towards the next level in our ascension. The information contained in this book has been brought directly from those who were here many generations ago, which we now understand as beings from other star systems and dimensions. They are here to remind us who we are and all that we are capable of - not only as a collective human race, but also as individuals.

Kendra Jonas carefully transcribed "The 7 Principles of I AM", exactly as they were delivered to her, which is what led her to write her first book entitled, "The Link". For the first time, Kendra candidly shares her contact experiences derived from extraterrestrial intelligence, and integrates science and spirituality into one complete understanding, so we can crystalize these concepts into our everyday lives.

With "The Link", you will come to know yourself as a powerful being that has a co-creative relationship with the entire universe!

Kendra Jonas is an author, presenter, life coach, business owner, and a transmitter for expanded consciousness.



         More About The 7 Principles Of I AM That YOU ARE

Praise for
"The Link"...

“This book amazed me right away. I have been interested in these themes my whole life and have had an intuitiveLaura Eisenhower
understanding about what Kendra Jonas is expressing so beautifully, so to have a book articulate it in this way, is a treasure that excites me and relieves me beyond words.  As one reads this material, I can confidently say that activations will happen and personal transformation will begin to truly take place.  It is saying hello to places within you that have been dormant.  It will unlock doorways and let you discover far more of yourself, not just in philosophical terms, but as a grounded being who is expanding in consciousness in the here and now.  It simplifies the complex and takes you on a journey into your deepest self. It hands you the lantern and sets you free. This is a brilliant book of spiritual truths that have been lost to us.  It gives us permission to set ourselves free and describes what we are made of energetically, which influences this physical experience and guides us home — the home that dwells within. Ascension is very much an inner shift that changes our outer reality and this book will greatly assist one in achieving this.”

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower,  Great-Granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower



Praise for
"The Link"...

  Dr. Dream - Mark Peebler“Kendra Jonas guides us with grace and ease, on the most important journey of all; the inner journey of bringing meaning to our life experience. Transformational at its very core, this book is a must read for anyone on a spiritual path, which should be all of us at this time! The Link is no longer missing.”
Mark “Dr. DREAM” Peebler







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