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Dear One,
    Your need to track time has distracted you and taken you away from your true infinite nature. Why are you in such a hurry? Where are you going? What are you doing? Why are you always chasing a false perception of time, which keeps getting away from you, when real time does not even exist? The illusion of time is a trap, which captures your focus, and where you place your focus is where your consciousness will always follow. Do you really want to focus your consciousness and all of your attention on trying to catch something that is not real? The only real time is “now time”, and when you are in this space, this is where you will find the real part of you that is infinite. Chasing time is only going to pull you away from the “now”, causing you to forget your true infinite nature.

    The joy of living is to live in the joy. Be in the moment as if there is no time. When you watch a duck paddling in a pond, see a bird spread its wings in flight, or observe the beauty in a flower's bloom, realize that real beauty is in the absence of time. The pause is what turns noise into music. Stillness is where you will find the realness of life.

    There is nothing to chase and there is nothing pushing against the beauty in All That Is. It simply is.

    You don't have to work so hard, Dear One. You can take a breath without counting how long it takes before you take your next breath, and you will still remember how to breathe. You can walk to and from your destination without worrying about obstacles or barriers that you think will block you from your future. It is the journey and not the destination where you will find the greatest lessons and where you will see the greatest beauty. You do not have to run to get to where you need to go. There is always something that will carry you to wherever you feel you need to run to and you will get there just as you have been destined, if you simply allow the journey to carry you.

Transcribed From:
The Voice of Creation

Tapping Into Our Infinite, Timeless, Eternal Consciousness
~ I AM Principle # 5 ~

By, Kendra Jonas
March 9, 2016

You are infinite, timeless, and eternal. From our third dimensional perspective, we often find ourselves caught-up in the linear matrix of time. This has been magnified to the extreme, by corporate, industrialized society, as we rush to our next appointment, clock in at work, and dwell on our schedules for the day.

Focusing only on the next "task" at hand, distracts us from embracing our own timeless, eternal, and infinite nature, which is the nature of consciousness. Our consciousness is always operating from the perspective of "presence". We are always present in the present moment and we really can't BE anywhere else. Everything we have ever done in the past, what think about in the future, and what we desire to change, can only be obtained through our present awareness.

We can reclaim our moment of "now" to be the most powerful it can be whenever we remember our timelessness. Just because we are conditioned to view time as having a beginning, middle, and an end, does not mean that we also have a beginning, middle, and an end. Our ancestors understood time to be cyclic and not linear, and it has only been over the last 100 years or so when westernized society adapted to finite views of time.

When we look to nature for the answers, as our ancestors did, instead of relying on the artificial construct of linear time to rule over us, we will reconnect to the infinite nature of our consciousness. Nature shows us that it is constantly replicating, rebirthing, healing, and expanding. When something ends, something new always begins. The greatest storms and the worst wildfires do not permanently destroy the creative energy that pulsates life on this planet, but rather a rebuilding always occurs whenever we tap into this field of infinite timelessness.







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