About The "7 Principles of I AM"

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On December 1, 2014, I was woken up in the middle of the night to a voice, and was asked to write down “The 7 principles of I AM". The 7 principles of I AM were spoken clearly and concisely and came so fast. The voice did not identify itself with a name or a reference, but it was not my voice, and The 7 principles of I AM were not from me.


I was told, “These 7 Principles of I AM will become the 7 Chapters In Your Book.”


The voice returned to me again on several other occasions while I was working on the book, including the beginning of each chapter, as though it wanted to introduce each principle. The voice never gave me a name, but it was so wise and so powerful, I decided to call it “The Voice of Creation”. The voice did not seem to want to be called God, but instead was really trying to help people find the God within themselves. After the basic information was given to me, the voice did not continue to write my entire book. It was up to me to do the research and incorporate my own experiences into the book in order to bring this higher dimensional wisdom into our 3rd dimensional experience so that we could all understand this information.

On August 29, 2015, bestselling author and motivational speaker Wayne Dyer crossed over. Wayne’s passing occurred on the exact same day that I officially finished writing my book, titled “The Link”.  A feeling pierced through me – or an awareness that “The 7 Principles of I AM” were going to be a continuation of where Wayne Dyer left off. Wayne Dyer taught people all over the world about the power of I AM, and how to apply positive labels after that which we say we are. He taught the application of using “I AM” for self-empowerment. What we believe is what we will create. There has been many meditations that apply the use of “I AM” with positive affirmations that follow such as, “I AM prosperous, I AM happy, I AM loving, I AM healthy, I AM grateful”. Such positive affirmations can make us feel good and practicing this teaches us how to be more in control of our thoughts. However, all of those attachments to the “I AM” are just temporary fleeting labels. If you don’t constantly think, “I AM“ prosperous, then are you still prosperous? How long can you maintain having prosperous thoughts? What happens when the next bill comes to your mailbox? Will you still feel prosperous? You can still say, “I AM prosperous” but will you still be able to maintain the feeling of prosperity when things feel financially difficult?


It doesn’t matter what “feeling” or “label” you apply after the I AM principal, every feeling and every label is fleeting. As creator beings, we are not meant to experience just one thing. We are meant to experience an array of things. We are miniature versions of All That Is. We hold the entire universe within our bodies. This means, that we are not meant to have just one experience. We will experience many emotions, have many different beliefs throughout our life, and learn many new things. We are constantly changing, expanding and creating a new version of ourselves in every moment of our lives.


When I thought about the former teachings of using the “I AM” to instill  positive affirmations and then when I looked at “The 7 Principles of I AM” that were given to me, I saw a deep connection. The difference was that those principles that were spoken to me on the night of December 1, 2014 were permanent aspects of ourself that do not ever change. These were not fleeting labels that would come and go. These principles defined the nature of our consciousness itself.


1. I AM Pure Conscious Energy – This first principle reminds you that you are a vibration of energy and energy can never be destroyed. It always exists. This will never change.


2. I AM Whole – This second principle reminds you that there is nothing about yourself that you need to change or fix. You are whole just the way you are, because you exist. You are a fractal of the one who created you, so you are therefore one with All That is. You are whole just the way you are.

3. I Am Not The Ego – The ego is the voice of labels that exists because the brain tries to label everything. However, if you stopped listening to the labeling ego trying to define who you are, you will still exist. Therefore, you are not the ego. You are not the sum of any labels.


4. I Am Multidimensional – You are more than just a physical body having this physical experience. You are consciousness and consciousness can have multiple experiences within a multidimensional universe. This means you can exist multidimensionally.

5. I Am Timeless, Infinite, and Eternal – This aspect of your true self will also never change. We only experience linear time from a third dimensional perspective. When you dream at night, when you lose yourself in whatever you are passionate about, or when you find the zero point of your existence by being in the moment of “now” you will enter into your own timelessness. Your soul is timeless and its existence is always eternal. This is also the nature of energy as described in the first principle.

6. I Am Creative – You are capable of having ANY experience you want. This is where applying whatever labels you want following your own “I AM” awareness can apply. You can BE anything you want  in your I AM consciousness. Your thoughts, perceptions, and emotions are creating vibrational energy all the time. This is how you create your reality.


7. I Am Love –  You are made up of the same energy that is also in All That Is. If you understand that love is a vibration of energy and it is synonymous with creation, and since you are part of creation, then you can connect to everyone and everything through your heart, simply by knowing that you are made of love. You are love. Everything in the universe is made from this same vibration.