All Of My Success & Accomplishments Started In The Bedroom

All Of My Success & Accomplishments Started In The Bedroom

All of my successes and accomplishments started in the bedroom     It's True! All of my success and accomplishments started in the bedroom. Why? My bedroom is my sanctuary! A lot goes on in there and if you want to pull up a chair, I will share all the juicy details with you. When I'm done sharing all of my sacred secrets, you will find that we have taken "bedroom talk" to a whole new level.
     You see, my bedroom is sacred. Every time I shut my bedroom door and close my weary eyes, I am separating from the outside 3D matrix world and I step inside a timeless gateway where cosmic connection awaits, linking me to higher frequencies, higher dimensions, and multidimensional realms. As I strip away my clothing, I put away all the costumes I wore from the previous day --- as a mother, wife, business owner, and friend, I sleepily crawl under the warm blankets and allow the covers to cradle me back into my mother's womb. I mold into the form that I originated from, as I resume the fetal position.
     The bedroom is where people do the most praying and where the most healings occur. When you sleep, your cells are repairing themselves more readily than any other time of day. It's also where children do the most growing. When we are sick, our bedroom is where we go so we can become well again. Yes! Miracles like healing, growing, and rejuvenation happen all during the cycles of sleep.
     How is my bedroom responsible for my success and accomplishments? I am glad you asked. My bedroom is where all my babies were conceived. It's where we go when we want to experience a deeper connection with our sacred partner, not only through the act of making love or creating new life, but it's also where the most intimate forms of communication happens, where secrets are shared, and where we enhance our ESP and telepathic communication skills.
     My bedroom is where I have had all my out-of-body experiences and where extra- terrestrial or celestial contact occurs. It's where I tap into multidimensional aspects of myself, where "The Voice of Creation" spoke to me for the first time and how I learned about "The 7 Principles of I AM". It's where The Greys first made contact with me and how I learned that I have a greater purpose in my life other than just going to work and bringing home a paycheck. It's where I learned that journaling dreams is really important, because there are messages from beyond that come through our dreams. In order for us to tap into the realms of higher consciousness, the conscious mind has to become quiet and still and this happens the most easily while we are asleep.
     While we are asleep our higher self, the angelic beings, and our spirit guides work with us all through the night. Our conscious mind doesn't need to be aware of this for their contact to have permanent lasting affects in our lives. As we become more aware of our link to the higher dimensional aspects of ourselves, we will become more conscious when such contact occurs.
     When I was a kid, my father jumped out of his bed one morning very excitedly because of a dream he had. With such clearity and vividness, my father dreamed that he owned a novelty business with characters made out of peanuts and within just a few weeks, my father launched this successful business venture!

               Me and my father (upper right); after he invented "The Incredible Nut"
        throwback photo from 1988.

     It is not uncommon for artists, musicians, and inventors to receive their greatest inspirations from dreams. In fact, this happens so frequently that in the case of "The Beetles", the group made an agreement with each other that they would record their songs at any hour of the night, so that any time one of the musicians received a "download" during the night, they would contact one another immediately. If they didn't act upon the inspirations in their dreams, songs like "Yesterday", "Let It Be", and "Was It In A Dream", would not have come into existence. (1)

The Rolling Stones, The Police, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Elvis, R.E.M, Rush, Billy Joel, and Johnny Cash are some other well-known musicians who contribute many of their songs from dreaming them into life.
     Many people, including myself, have received prophetic messages in the dream state, had the experience of contact, met with deceased loved-ones, and were given insights or information that changed the course of our lives.
     If you ever feel stuck and have a problem that you aren't sure how to solve, the old adage "sleep on it" can be the best thing you can do before taking your next step. When you sleep, you are entering into a gateway that links you to your higher self and to higher dimensional realms where you can find solutions to problems and dream up a better world for yourself that not only impacts your life, but affects all those whose lives you touch once you wake up and your feet hit the floor. As I respectfully make my bed from the previous night's journey, I thank my guides for all the guidance they provided me from the night before, only to return once again for the next awakening, the next lesson, the next soulful experience --- it all happens in the bedroom, and if it wasn't for that sacred place, I would not have the life I have today.



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